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The Most Reliable AC Service Provider in Virginia

AC Service Provider

With sweltering temperatures approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the last thing homeowners want to stress over is a failing Air Conditioning system. One of the major factors in keeping a comfortable level of indoor air quality is a properly functioning cooling system. 

Properly functioning AC systems not only ensure a comfortable living environment inside homes and businesses but they’re also critical to preventing unwanted issues such as mold and mildew inside a building.

Cardinal Mechanical Services is a highly experienced air conditioning contractor serving Bedford County, Virginia, and surrounding areas in Central Virginia. From 24/7 emergency service to routine AC repair, we’re standing by ready to ensure your home stays comfortable!

Our team of comfort specialists is a trusted provider of the following services throughout Central Virginia.

>From general service calls, to complete AC installation, work with a local company you can trust. Cardinal Mechanical Services proudly serves Bedford, Virginia, and its surrounding areas. Our team brings over 25 years of experience to the job, call us 24/7 at (540) 385-1866 or get a free quote, here.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Are you considering investing in a new system? A brand new AC unit can mean the difference in both savings from increased efficiency and a more comfortable temperature inside your home.

Our team of installation experts can install your unit, or take you through the entire process of replacing your old one.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Whether you’re installing a brand new AC unit or replacing one that’s lost energy efficiency or become unreliable, the Cardinal Mechanical Services team can help. Air conditioning is essential to the comfort of your family, so our team will ensure installations are swift and have your home back up and running in no time.

Our service technicians will work with you to find the best unit for your home. From size, price point, brand, and everything in between, we are committed to serving the citizens of Bedford County and its surrounding communities.

When installing, we will provide a fully energy-efficient installation and size your system properly. Cardinal Mechanical will work quickly and efficiently to make sure the system you choose is perfect for your home.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Is your air conditioner in need of a tune-up? Regular maintenance can mean the difference between a cool, comfortable home or an uncomfortable summer sweat indoors.   

We all know Virginia weather is unpredictable, so make sure your air conditioning is running smoothly for those warm days. Open windows won’t always do the trick, and you want your AC to power up swiftly when you need it most.

Unfortunately, as outside temperatures increase throughout Virginia during the summer months, cooling systems inside homes and businesses suffer from an increased workload. If your home or business has an AC System, it’s important to take proper maintenance steps to keep the entire unit functioning properly. 

Avoid having to call for emergency AC service by taking the time to maintain your HVAC system. Our team of HVAC Service professionals has over 25 years of on-the-job experience, here are some of the most important things you can do to avoid air conditioning unit failure when you least expect it. 

One of the easiest ways for homeowners equipped with an air conditioning system to avoid a full replacement is to take steps to properly maintain your unit. 

Contact our team or give us a call today to talk about setting up an HVAC maintenance plan for your home! Our team is available 24/7 at (540) 385-1866.

Homeowners can keep their AC Units running smoothly by following these simple tips. 

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat
  • Visually inspect your air conditioner, carefully checking for signs of wear on the unit “fins” and for exposed lines running into your home
  • Keep your AC unit free of leaves and other debris that can accumulate over the winter or from lawn mowing throughout the summer
  • Ensure the pad your air conditioner sits on is level and not tilted, putting pressure on lines leaving the unit 

Modern, energy-efficient air conditioning systems benefit immensely from routine care. 

Ask the Air Conditioner Experts

  • Why should I replace my existing air conditioning system?

    There are two main reasons for investing in a new in-home cooling system. First, the technology in AC systems has improved dramatically in the time that most systems were last replaced. A new unit will save money by offering cool, clean air in an energy-efficient manner. The second reason home and business owners replace their unit is due to system failure.
  • How do I know if my AC unit is failing?

    A telltale sign of a failing air conditioning system is underperformance. If you’ve noticed that your cooling system just doesn’t seem to be working as it previously did, give our team a call. Our comfort specialists will diagnose your cooling system to identify if replacement or routine service is necessary.
  • How often should my air conditioning unit be serviced?

    We recommend having your air conditioner serviced annually. Annual service ensures that not just your cooling unit, but the entire HVAC system is running properly.
  • What are the average costs of air conditioning installation/replacement?

    AC pricing varies from model to model. With over 25 years of experience in HVAC repair and installation, give our team a call for an honest, fair price with unmatched customer service.
  • Why do I need air conditioning?

    One of the major myths of owning a home with an air conditioner in it is that it’s expensive. With energy-efficient and affordable financing options, investing in a central air system has never been more affordable.

    The benefits of air conditioners are a comfortable interior and with temperatures in Central Virginia skyrocketing during summer months, living without one isn’t recommended!

  • Will duct cleaning help my AC unit run better?

    From debris stuck in your furnace to ductwork that hasn’t been cleaned in years, there are many reasons you may need to look at hiring an HVAC company. If you have questions about how to make your AC system operate more effectively, contact us today for a fast, free quote.

  • My air conditioner is noisy, what’s wrong with it?

    A noisy air conditioner is a telltale sign of a system that’s not functioning properly. While a noisy AC unit doesn’t mean that the system is failing and will automatically need to be replaced, it is always a good idea to call a professional to have your unit inspected. 

    If your Air Conditioner is on its last legs, or simply needs a routine tune-up, call our experienced team of Air Conditioning Service Professionals 24/7 at (540) 385-1866 today!

AC Service Throughout Bedford County, Virginia

100% customer satisfaction is our top priority! Whether you’re calling for the first time or we’ve been servicing your HVAC system for years, we’ll make sure that we’re the HVAC company in Bedford County you can count on. For a more in-depth look at our customer service, check out our testimonials.

Stop wondering which air conditioner service company is right for you, and go with the proven experts! With over 25 years of experience, Cardinal Mechanical is dedicated to providing you with quality service to ensure your family’s comfort. No matter what the weather is outside, we’re here to guarantee your air conditioner stays in prime working condition for years to come.

If you’re a home or business owner in Bedford County or its surrounding areas in Central Virginia, give our professional team a call at (540) 385-1866. From regular AC tune-ups to full HVAC repair services, our team has the experience to handle it all!

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

  • Went beyond my expectations!

    Keith came out and was very helpful in getting my well pump going again and went beyond my expectations I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of help! To bad you can't give 10 STARS

    Jeffrey B
  • Courteous, Efficient, and Knowledgeable

    "I can not even begin to find the words that describe the job Cardinal Mechanical Services did for us. We ran out of water on a Thursday evening and my husband did everything he could to try to fix it. It didn’t work. We called Keith with Cardinal Mechanical and he was at our home in no time. He immediately got to work checking what the problem could be. Once he knew what was wrong he immediately did what was needed to get it fixed. He has a helper that was right beside him helping him with everything. They were both courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, and did everything to make sure we had water that same day. I’m so thankful and wouldn’t use anyone else. I highly recommend this company. Thank you again Keith. I’m so appreciative."

    Cathy M.
  • Highly Recommended

    "The night before Keith came out, our we lost water pressure in the house. Sent Keith an email to let him know in case he could possibly bring tools to fix that as well and he immediately called back to get more information. Turned out the well pump connection failed, which caused him to pull the pump (300') out completely and repair the connection. He had additional help out immediately and also put in a new 2.5 ton heat pump and air handler. Before he left, he made sure we completely understood the new system and thoroughly cleaned all works areas. Could not be happier with Cardinal's service and professionalism. Highly recommended and is the only one I plan on using in the future."

    Don S.
  • Excellent Work

    "Two days before Thanksgiving and I suddenly had no water! Thanks to Keith and his team, repair was made quickly and i had running water the next day. Everyone was safety-conscious and courteous, and very knowledgeable and professional. Also they took the time to keep me informed of what they were finding and how it was being repaired. Excellent work!"

    Karen B.
  • Very Professional

    "Contacted Cardinal Mechanical at 9am they had my water restored by lunch time. The owner was very professional and upfront with what it would cost. I highly recommend for all plumbing and HVAC work that you may need done."

    Chris H.
  • Very Responsive

    "Very responsive and dedicated to customers. My father in law had an issue with his outdoor unit on Thanksgiving day, owner was contacted around noon and showed up well within a timely manner. I would highly recommend this company for HVAC and plumbing services."

    Kelsey D.
  • We Could Not Be Happier

    "Having been in our home for 10 weeks now we originally asked Keith to look at our well casing thinking a crack might be the cause of reddish brown water after a heavy rain. When he arrived, before looking at the pump he checked the water from the house. It turned out the water heater was at it's end. Along with the water heater he did a thorough inspection of the pressure tank, plumbing and the well too. He takes his time and informs you with everything he sees..Today he installed our new water heater. His prices were very fair and we could not be happier. He will be our plumber of choice in the future."

    Mark G.
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